This is a crucial task. What if you pick a bigger truck? Well, you just waste your money on moving to a new place. But what is you pick a smaller one? You would be really stressed out trying to decide the last movement the things to move, and the things to leave behind! These quick tips would help you find the right size truck (no stress, no waiting) for your move. 

  • Consult the movers

Yes, it’s a simple, but the smart thing to do. They know exactly how much stuff you can fit into a truck. They know their classifications. So, ask such question as: for how many rooms or for what type of property would this truck work the best? 

  • Make a list of all your things for your relocation

This would help you to define the size of the truck you need. As a rule, 20 cubic feet truck would provide enough space to move a three room apartment or house. However, it all really depends on how much stuff you have

  • Count the number of your room 

The above tip covered some of that. Make sure to count your basement and garage, if you are moving a house. Count all your furniture pieces and consider the possible placing of them during the move.

  • Count your breakables

Some folks move tons of breakable things. These things cannot be just stuck into a truck. They require more room and special location within. Consult the movers on how some of the appliances or other valuable things should be packed or moved.

  • Order a bigger truck

If you have any doubts, order a bigger truck. In any case, allow at least 20 percent of extra space for your relocation and get a bit bigger vehicle. 

These tips are simple, but they can save you nerves and trouble. It is always better to have more space, then to have to change your plans the last moment.

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