No time to spend hours planning everything and fathoming it out? Get these 10 top tips for relocation and get it done. You can, if you just get organized and go step by step. 

1.Research movers online 

It will save your time and money. Just write as many companies as you like and ask them for a quote for your conditions and amount of stuff. 

2.Work with those that get back to you

Just like that. If you want the mover to be responsive wait and see, if they get back to you and ask you some questions. Watch for how they communicate. 

3.See if you can deduct your expenses from the tax

In some cases you can deduct them, if you move to get a new job position and the employer does not reimburse you. Check out the information in the IRS site on that matter. 

4.Get support

House moving can be tough if you do it alone. So, get your family or friends help you. Get the buzz out on social networks. Someone may help what you need: used boxes and other packing materials, crates, etc. 


No need to take trash moving. So, make some arrangements. Dispose of everything you have planned on using someday, but never did. Give things away, sow them and you will reap. 

6.Get the labels

You should print out labels with your new address and stick them onto your boxes. Imagine something gets lost of forgotten? Then people would know who it belongs to and how to get in touch with you. 

7.One room rule 

It works both in packing and unpacking. Go room by room and do not overwhelm yourself with impossible tasks. 

8.Pack your first day kit 

Get the things you need immediately in one place. It can be a bag or a box. Mark it and move it in your car (if you drive over) or take it with you. That makes settling is so much easier. 

9.Post it

Use these little stickers and post them on things you should pack or give away. Make quick reminders for you to follow. 

10.Hire packers 

If you have no idea how to pack it all up for the move, just hire the professionals. They can cut the time needed at least by half and get you rid of stress. 

 These tips are doable, grab them and make a good use of them. Start now and stop postponing things till later. After all that is the best way to get things done.

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