Why Choose Us

City Movers Dc is the one of the best moving company in entire United States that have over 5 years of moving experience, experienced staff and state of art equipments. Whether you need a local moving service or long distance service, DC Movers are comprehensive one stop moving service company that has thousands of satisfied customers in their portfolio. The rates of our moving services are economical and unbeatable giving us the label of one of the most reliable, affordable and disciplined moving company. There are thousands of reasons, why you should choose us for even moving a small block across the street or entire house across the city.

•Experience: We have over 5 years of supreme experience in managing, organizing and administrating local moving, interstate moving, long distance moving, commercial moving, residential moving, packing, unpacking and lastly storage services. 

•Staff: We possess sociable, honest, expert, trained, certified and well-mannered staff, which utilizes cost-effective and stress free methods for moving your belongings.  Our call operators provide comprehensive and accurate moving information. We know the importance of healthy relationship with our customers and this has been our greatest strength in expanding our business throughout the entire United States of America.

•Equipments: All the belongings are packed in standard equipments to avoid any damage. We take extreme care in handling fragile and delicate items.

•Professional Packing and Unpacking: We provide professional as well as well-ordered packing and unpacking services. Our skilled movers will pack all your belongings in brief time and label them accordingly. This will help you to locate any of your belongings easily and quickly without wasting your precious time by searching each and every box. 

•Transportation: City Movers DC is famous in town for their state of art, climate-controlled and modern transportation. We have shock-absorbing air-ride suspensions, GPS tracking and communication devices in our moving trucks.

•Safety: We are proud to offer 100% guarantee and assurance on all our moving services. We make use of innovative and novel methods for moving your property and all our crew are trained in safety management. 

•Customer Satisfaction: We treats every customer as kings and Queens and have 100% customer satisfaction all around United States. We have clients spread all over the United States, who have unforgettable memories with our elite and premium services. As moving is executed very few times in a lifetime, we aims to become part of our customer’s remarkable journey through quality moving services. 

•Unbeatable Prices: All the DC Mover services are offered at affordable, economical and reasonable prices, which give our moving services unparalleled and unrivalled position in the moving industry. This factor makes us dominate the moving industry for the last 5 years. 

•Moving Charges Method: City Movers Dc are proud to offer hourly rates or fixed rates for our quality moving services. We just leave the option up to you whether you are pleased and content with either hourly or fixed rates.  Both the methods are inexpensive and you never have to shell out any extra money. We only charge money for what we have provided.